غاز1Al Qafzah of the gas business Founded in 1971 in the city of Beirut, where it began work in the field of filling gas cylinders and then expanded in the distribution of gas central where developed portion engineered and technically to carry out the projects and tenders and then opened a branch in 1999 in the Emirate of Sharjah and with the beginning of 2005 was the opening of another branch in the Emirate of Dubai. The company executes all of the mechanics of the supply, installation and operation and maintenance of the central gas systems (liquefied petroleum gas), especially in hospitals, hotels and commercial and residential complexes and universities.
The company operates on the supply, installation and operation of everything you need projects from gas tanks key and lines of gas main lines, gas external extensions of internal and counters for residential buildings and industrial projects, as the company works system gas developed in the field of management of gas pools of residential, commercial, and so through the issuance of bills monthly for residents and provide all the support services of maintenance and others.
The company has a special section for the supply, installation and operation of gas burners, and caustics working on system (gas and diesel together)