Introduction alqafzah Holding Group

                                                                             ALQAFZAH HOLDING GROUP 

ALQAFZH Holding GROUP founded in 1993  Kiev, Ukraine within the engineering and architectural and commercial disciplines to cope with all the vital projects in the region And was part of the progects  executing  in Ukraine and owned by a family .

In 2002, the alqafzah branch in Syria opened the acquisition of some of the projects that started from the neighboring countries, and in 2003 was the opening of the UAE branch headed by Engineer Mohammad Samih ashlak Chairman of the Board in the Middle East and a member of the constituent body of the parent company of Ukraine to keep pace with urban development and contribute in the unique character of the projects he was working to gain experience and get a strong commercial and business agencies.
Projects architectural and industrial in all the possibilities offered by the joint action of all companies that architectural and engineering and financial disciplines which are managed by each separate part of the relentless pursuit of the success of any particular project or a government within the coaching staff and advisory and financial services established, and through the continued development of the jump
Sought to build bridges and partnerships with global European companies seeking government and private projects with a unique personality, where he was involved with the group Alcolnaa world
In 2006 to provide all the necessary logistics to engage in projects and services vital facilities, and government work together for the implementation of all projects in the Middle East, and has sought an advisory
Leap always sought to work with the General Authority of global investment banking, financial and logistical in frameworks led by Regional Director Engineer Essam Mohammed kridi
 in 2008 reinforced the vital projects that fall within the framework of financial cooperation between the branches of the world.